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Due to increased demand and seasonal shipping challenges, our inventory will fluctuate throughout the fall/winter season. 


Prices, availability, and quantities 

are subject to change


      1st Cut Large Square: 3x3x6 (850+/-) $90 (Out of Stock)

      1st Cut Large Square: 3x4x8 (1200+/-) $125 

      1st Cut Large Square: 3x4x8 (1500+/-) $140

      12 Bale Bundles: (600 +) $90


alfalfa 90.jpg

Alfalfa Grass Mix  

      12 Bale Bundles: (600 + lb) $90

      3x3x6 Medium Square: (800+ lb) $85

      5x5 Round Bale: (800 +/- lb) $85

      5x6 Round Bale: (1000 +/- lb) $110


1st Cut Timothy Grass:

      12 Bale Bundle (seed harvested): (600+ lb)

              $75/bundle, 3+$70/bundle, $8/bale (out of stock)

      12 Bale bundle (Premium Quality) $85  (out of stock)   

      Mature Large Square: (1100+/- lb) $105

      Seedless Timothy Large Square: $100

PREMIUM 2nd Cut Timothy

      12 Bale Bundle: (650-700 lb) $95

      Segmented Bale (some orchard grass): (900+/- lb) $95

      4x4 Round Bale: (1000 +/- lb) $115    



Teff Grass:

     Great horse hay, similar to Timothy with lower carbs           for weight control: More Info   

     12 Bale Bundle: (650+/-) $95




Mixed Grass and Sainfoin: (Out of stock)

     Sainfoin is a non-bloat legume: More Info   

     Large Square: (1200+/-) $125




Mixed Grass:

      Large Square: (1200+/- lb) $115

      Large 5x5 Rounds: (1100+/- lb) $105

      Feeder Quality 4x4 Rounds: (450+/- lb)  $35/bale



Oat Hay:

      Round Bales: (550 lb +/-) $55/bale

        Bright green, LOTS of grain.

        Horses and cows LOVE it.




     Small square bales: $5/bale  12 bale bundle $50

     Large square: 3x4x8 (950+/- lb) $55/bale



Feeder Hay

Discounted hay for cattle

or non-picky horses and non-picky

owners. Call Tom for details. 


Feeder Timothy: (1000 lb +/-) $75/bale $70/10+ bales 

     Mature hay without seed, dry,

     no mold, great for easy keepers. (currently unavailable)


Feeder Hay Close 2019.jpg
Feeder Hay Stack.jpg

Feeder Alfalfa/Alfalfa Grass: Top and bottom bales of stack, 2-4 inches of damage, rest of bale great. (1450 lb +/-) $140


     Feeder Alfalfa: (1250 lb +/-) $115

         Fine stem, green with some

         yellowing, no mold

Delivery and stack available 


Small Square $30/ton

Round Bales $3/bale

Large Squares $5/bale

Bundles $10/bundle includes skid steer

Truck and trailer mileage $2.75 per mile one way

Truck only mileage $2.50 per mile one way

Skid Steer use for rounds and big squares $30

1805 W Diagonal Rd, Rathdrum, ID 83858


Prices, availability, and quantities are subject to change.