Our locally raised, GRASS/ALFALFA fed beef is non-GMO, with NO animal by-products, NO growth hormones and NO antibiotics. Our lean meat is “dry aged” in coolers for optimal tenderness, taste and juiciness. From hamburger to special cuts, you can be sure you’re getting the best locally grown, all natural, worry-free beef. 

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Full balance due at pick-up.

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Pick-Up Location


Twin Lakes Farm

(1805 W Diagonal Rd)

Quarter and half beef prices are based on HANGING WEIGHT of the beef as it hangs in the meat locker PRIOR to cut and wrap. Price does not include cut, wrap, and butcher fee. Choose custom cutting instructions when ordering half beef.

Now available in select

Super 1

grocery stores

1805 W Diagonal Rd, Rathdrum, ID 83858


Prices, availability, and quantities are subject to change.